Music and Art

At Blossom Heights children are provided a wide variety of materials to explore. The process of all creative experiences is the goal rather than the finished product. Children sing and dance with joy throughout each day.

Math and Science

We learn math through real life experience – from measuring and sorting to finding patterns and meaning in our natural world. Children develop skills for caring and nurturing the earth’s creatures by caring for classroom pets and observing the native birds, squirrels and insects that make home in our gardens and trees.

Literacy Development

Children begin a rich literacy development by using their own words in telling daily news and stories that are scribed by teachers. The children then act out their stories and learn problem solving through dramatic play. We have libraries of books and plenty of laps for reading to each child individually and in groups.

Motor Development

Opportunities abound for running, climbing, crawling and pedaling as children’s bodies grow stronger. Little hands squeeze and pinch dough, string beads, explore writing, drawing, and painting as we continually develop the skills needed to become writers in elementary school.